A downloadable agwyjbtasbmp for Windows

Thank you for playing my game!

A game where you join blocks together and some bad music plays

The music dynamically changes to the game

Control with WASD or Arrow Keys, press R to restart.

The game is resizeable.

( Feedback is appreciated, this is my first time )

( Almost everything was made during the 48 hours, except audio samples and fonts. )

EDIT: almost forgot to link the font that I am using: https://datagoblin.itch.io/monogram it's a nice font

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and run the exe (gmtk2021.exe)

In case you're wondering, "data.win" is where the game data is stored.


gmtk2021_win.zip 4 MB


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heyo, idk if you remember me at all but we both took part in the gmtk game jam a while back. I'm gonna be joining this years again and I'm guesssing you will probably as well, so wanna know if you're interested in working together for the jam

Like the other guy, I can solve the puzzle easily, but I spend my time jamming to the beat! Hahah, that's so creative how each movement having the beat sound! The only thing I would suggest (apart from UI and more levels) is that perhaps the block that we control should have a mark, maybe different color or something. Well done for this project!

Neat game! I like how each movement and the percussion sounds from said movements are done to the beat (which after realizing this, caused me to spend a moment jamming before returning to puzzle-solving, or at the very least I wasn't in a hurry to solve them and had something to do while thinking of solutions, haha) and the concept of "sokoban, except you can't push/move blocks around unless you're connected with them" is cooool.

Thanks! I never thought of the mechanics of my game like that!